Gig City Cloud was founded in 2015 by Dave Brockman to dedicate resources to a backup business. He spent 30 years working in Enterprise and SMB environments and realized that all companies, large and small, have similar backup pains. He had a vision for affordable and effective backup that didn’t involve finicky hardware or daily device swapping. It took 10 years for backup software and Internet speeds to catch up to his vision. He then spent five years learning how painful other online backup solutions are, both as a reseller, and a customer in need of restoration.

Today, we own our own Cloud data center. We own our building, we own all of our equipment, and we run our own network on the Internet (AS22337). We have learned that in order to provide a reliable service, we have to own and maintain the infrastructure. We are directly connected to EPB’s fiber network and Smart Grid. Our backup infrastructure is dedicated to backups, we don’t host anything else on it. Our goal is to provide painless backup at a fair price. Virtual or physical, from desktop to data center, we are ready to ease your backup pain!